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Whether you are seeking support in understanding your European and UK R&D Grant Funding options, developing specific funding applications, reviewing your draft R&D grant application, or managing a live R&D grant project – we’re here to help. We understand how important experience and trust is to our clients which is why our services are led and delivered by our directors.


Venturenomix has developed its services based on 15+ years experience in the funding consultancy market. We know how to secure funding for innovation projects, what makes an attractive business investment and how best to match different funding sources.

We are working with various businesses and organisations supporting their journey to a more sustainable, inclusive and impactful position. From social enterprises seeking to understand stakeholder-led business models, to cities implementing citizen engagement projects, we can advise and deliver on strategies fit for the new paradigm – innovation-led impactful projects for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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R&D Grant Writing

The directors founded and built a market-leading UK-based R&D grant writing consultancy between 2009 and 2019 with specialist knowledge in Innovate UK EDGE grant funding. Since 2019, we have expanded our knowledge into European R&D grants under the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes.

We have been actively involved in securing over £100m in R&D grant funding for start-ups, scaleups, established businesses, universities, cities, NGOs, NFPs and more!

If you are seeking to bring innovative technologies to market, working on novel research or looking to deploy novel approaches in your city – it is worth exploring R&D Grant funding.

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Grant Application Review

We offer a thorough grant review service for a broad range of R&D grants from the UK and Europe. In effect, this is a mock assessment of your draft R&D grant application carried out by experienced grant writers and supported by current R&D grant funding accessors.

This service has been developed as a direct response to our clients, some of whom are comfortable writing excellent R&D grant applications, but would recognise that there are certain ‘tips and tricks’ to securing R&D grant funding. This service is designed to be agile (quick turnround) and accessible (affordable).

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Partnered Services

There are a number of barriers that prevent amazing organisations successfully delivering their impact ventures. We have developed strategic partnerships with a select group of companies who can help overcome these barriers.

If you have concerns about what impact an R&D grant will have on your R&D tax credit claim – we have a partner. If you need to negotiate a complex Consortium Agreement for a Horizon Europe project – we have a partner. Don’t let the barriers beat you – see our partner services.

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Project Management

Congratulations! You have won your R&D grant funding! Now the funder has some demands – financial claims, exploitation plans, project change requests, technical reports, online administration, etc.

If you want to focus on developing your technology, we can manage the reporting and administration requirements. We have been doing this work for our clients since 2009. We can make sure your project is compliant and your funding is approved for draw-down on time.

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Impact Ventures

We are working with Impact Ventures at various stages of their journey, from technology start-ups / scale-ups and innovative not-for-profits, to multi-partner ‘design and implement’ collaboration projects that span multiple countries.

Impact Ventures can be inspired by a disruptive idea – like a coating for solar PV panels – or in response to a specific problem like circular waste streams. The team behind the impact venture will generally follow a similar journey and this is what we have defined in the “Impact Venture Journey”.

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