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Venturenomix brings 15 years of experience to the process of developing projects and applications for R&D grant funding.

The directors founded and built a market-leading UK-based R&D grant writing consultancy between 2009 and 2019 with specialist knowledge in Innovate UK grant funding. Since 2019, we have expanded our knowledge into European R&D grants under the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes. 

We have been actively involved in securing over £100m in R&D grant funding for startups, scaleups, established businesses, universities, cities, NGOs, NFPs and more! If you are seeking to bring innovative technologies to market, working on novel research or looking to deploy novel approaches in your city – it is worth exploring R&D Grant funding.

Grant Writing Specialists

Innovate UK

Innovate UK offer R&D Grants through their flagship Smart Grant program which offers £25k – £2m in grant funding to SMEs and their project partners.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe publishes a range of collaborative R&D grant calls in which SMEs, universities, cities, NGOs and NFPs can work together to develop and demonstrate novel solutions to societal challenges like clean energy, smart cities, biodiversity, net zero and many more topics.

Horizon Europe

European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) is responsible for the EIC Accelerator – offering high-growth potential, innovative SMEs access to €2.5m grant funding and €15m equity – and grants for researchers of up to €10m.

EIC Accelerator


Eurostars offers €360k per project partner to innovative SMEs that would like to work across borders to further their technology development. Find out more here.


Grant Writing Services for UK and Europe 

We have been writing grants for the last 15+ years, with a success rate comparable with the market-leading consultants and freelancers. We work on a part up-front, part success-fee basis so that we are sharing the risk and reward with you.

We can:

  • Lead the entire process – defining the project, sourcing partners, developing a budget, writing the grant application, developing the work plan, creating appendices, managing partners, submitting the application online, managing compliance, organising the kick-off meeting, financial reporting, technical reporting and project management.


  • Work collaboratively – if you have a consortium and project, but need an experience grant writer to pull the content together to deliver a high-quality application – we can help. Native English speakers experienced in managing partners and creating outstanding content for a wide range of sectors.


  • Improve a past submission – Grants are highly competitive – and initial rejection does not always mean that funding is impossible. We can lead the process of improving past grant applications to get you over the line.


  • Expert Review – We are happy to spend a few days reviewing / commenting / editing your grant application to lift your score as high as possible. 

If you have a project in mind and would like an initial assessment of the chance of success for any of these R&D grant funds (and more besides), we are happy to review a 1-pager, pitch deck or have a short video meeting. Please get in touch.

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