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“The Venturenomix team did an excellent job writing our grant application and we have now secured the R&D Grant Funding that we need for the next 12 months!”

Jordi Fernandez // CEO // BeneTalk


Introduction – Understanding the Challenges


Competition is high for Research & Development Grants in the UK just as in Europe. With a variety of funders, from Innovate UK to Nesta, there is the challenge of finding the fund, bringing together the required partners and then developing a compelling grant application. BeneTalk had won multiple UK R&D Grants that meant their time was mainly spent developing their technology and working with customers. How then to secure more grant funding?

Working Together – Solution and Services


Venturenomix worked closely with the BeneTalk Team and their partners at Reading University and the British Stammer Trust to build on the content developed in previous grant applications and develop a winning grant application to cover the costs of the next phase of technology development. The integration of Real-Time Haptic Feedback into an already world-first technology will give BeneTalk a market-leading position for years to come.

Successful Outcomes


The total UK R&D Grant Funding secured was £480,000 split between the three partners to enable the delivery of this novel technology project. Grant funding can enable collaboration between innovative private sector SMEs and university research teams to overcome real-world technology challenges. This was the case with BeneTalk who are now able to continue their collaboration with the University of Reading over the next 12 months of R&D work.


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