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“We have boot-strapped our start-up for 18months. That means the three founders have worked two jobs, dedicated long hours and poured their hearts and souls into this dream. This grant funding means we can focus full-time on our business for the next 12months. This is a game-changer for us, and the timing could not be better since we are opening our seed funding round with a £265k head start!”

Marianna Recchia // Founder // Tonus Tech


Introduction – Understanding the Challenges

Marianna (Founder and CEO at Tonus Tech) attended a funding webinar organised by Newable and delivered by Alex (Venturenomix director). A follow-up video meeting convinced the companies to work together – it was the amazing team at Tonus Tech that really impressed.

Working Together – Solution and Services

Tonus Tech planned to open a seed equity round at the end of the year and were ideally placed to leverage this investment with R&D grant funding. Venturenomix stepped in to lead the process of identifying grants and writing grant applications. 

Successful Outcomes

The Innovate UK Smart grant success (hopefully the first of many) means Marianna, Dimi and the team have a £265k R&D project funded for the next 12 months. It means the team can work with City University, London, and Newcastle University to deliver a prototype of their soft robotics actuation technology embedded into garments. The seed funding round looks set to complete in record time!


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