Venturenomix works with ambitious people to conceive, fund and sustain impact ventures.

Our consultancy and training services are focused on securing the funding you need.

Sustainability  Strategy  Funding

Grant Funding for Impact Ventures

We help ambitious teams secure R&D grant funding for impactful projects by writing high quality grant applications. Our knowledge of UK and EU grants means we can bring you new opportunities for funding and reaching new markets. We offer a flexible range of services from an expert review of your draft application to a comprehensive grant writing service. 

The amount of R&D grant funding for innovative solutions to pressing social, environmental and economic challenges has increased significantly since the early 2000’s. Businesses, universities, cities, regions, NGOs and not-for-profits in the UK and EU have access to funding from Horizon Europe, a €95.5bn grant programme running until 2027. Innovate UK Edge is committing over £2bn a year to support the most innovative UK-based SMEs and their partners.

Impact Ventures

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Access EU Collaborative Grant Funding

Venturenomix has invested in a joint venture called Impact Funding Europe to help our clients gain access to collaborative EU Grant Funding.

Impact Funding Europe offers a full service EU Grant Writing Consultancy supporting SMEs, Corporates, Universities, NGOs, Governments and Citizen Organisations secure EU Grant Funding. The service includes:

  • Consortium Building
  • Project Ideation
  • Fund Matching
  • Grant Writing
  • Partner Search
  • Compliance and Kick-Off 

The joint venture brings together three companies (British and German) to bring combined experience in EU Grants, Project Management and Consortium Building. Impact Funding Europe is focused on projects in the Smart City, Climate Neutral and Digital Transformation sectors.

Our Services

Our services are based on experience gained since 2009 and raising over €100m in grant funding. Get in touch if you are interested to discuss your R&D grant funding options and how we can help.

Who we work with

Disruptive Tech Companies

Benefit from our:

  • Extensive success in securing R&I grant funding
  • Business network of funders, advisors and partners
  • Experience of setting strategies to scale-up

Multi-Partner Collaborations

Benefit from our:

  • Experience of developing long-term, international partnerships
  • Success in securing EU grant funding for collaborative partnerships
  • Proven collaborative processes

Digital & Sustainable Cities

Benefit from our:

  • Strategic approach to establishing partnerships and securing funding
  • Links to technology partners operating across the EU on Open Data and Interoperability projects

Innovative Not-For-Profits

Benefit from our:

  • Understanding and experience of grants, CSR, Tenders and other sources of non-dilutive funding
  • Low-risk fee structure that is weighted on success

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