We have been very well looked after in this process of defining a compelling EU grant funding project. This was the first EU R&I grant that the City of Kiel has been involved in and we are delighted that the application was approved for funding.”

Jonas Dageförde // CDO // City of Kiel


Introduction – Understanding the Challenges


The City of Kiel is one of the major port cities on the Baltic Sea with a population of over 250,000 people, swelled each year by “Kieler Woche” (Kiel Week) – the largest sailing festival in the world. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) was inspired by the thought of transitioning Kiel into a Smart City, using data to make the best decisions for the citizens of the city. This project brought together 15 organisations from 6 EU countries to secure €2.3m in European Grant Funding to enable that vision.

Working Together – Solution and Services


The first challenge facing any inspiring Smart City is data – how to harness historical data into a useful format and overlay that with real-time data from IoT enabled sensors across the city. European Grant Funding is available for innovative and collaborative solutions that we explored and ultimately secured during our work together on this venture. The grant funding under the Horizon Europe programme is split into 5 key themes and one of these is “Climate Neutral and Smart Cities” – a key priority for directing EU Grant Funding between 2021 and 2027.

Successful Outcomes


Venturenomix worked with the CDO at the City of Kiel to bring together a consortium of innovative SMEs, Research Institutions, Cities and Smart City Networks. The innovative and cross-border venture we developed bought together the required experience, skill sets and funding from EU Grants to enable the creation of Data Lakes – open source and interoperable – that in turn unlocked use cases in mobility and city planning. The total EU Grant Funding secured was €2.3m that was split between the partners in the consortium to be drawn down over a 24-month project.


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