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“We are developing a state-of-the-art DLT, one that overcomes some of the significant environmental issues associated with other technologies. Our focus on Cost, Performance, Scale and Interoperability means outstanding technology and significant R&I investment. The grant funding is transformational. It means we can recruit and maintain an internal tech-team to deliver our technology road-map and our multi-partner project to achieve transparency in the global shipping supply chain.”

Martyn Walker // Founder // Agility Sciences

Introduction – Understanding the Challenges

Martyn Walker (Agility Sciences Founder) met with Alex Chalkley (now Venturenomix Director) in the DLT firms head office in London to discuss non-dilutive funding options. Active Ledger (the pioneering DLT developed by Agility Sciences) was on the brink of resolving some significant technical issues that would enable a valuable impact project in global shipping supply chain management.

Working Together – Solution and Services

Agility Sciences had already established academic and industrial partnerships that stood ready to initiate multiple projects underpinned by Active Ledger (DLT). The final piece of the jigsaw was the non-dilutive funding needed to enable the ventures to proceed.

Successful Outcomes

Research & Innovation Grant Funding was identified and secured from the UK Government (Innovate UK) in a 5 month timeframe. Funding strategy and bid writing was managed by Alex Chalkley (now Venturenomix) with technical and project input from Martyn Walker (Agility
Founder). The first venture will bring significant benefits to the global shipping supply chain through application of DLT.

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