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“At Kore Labs we are really pushing the barriers of what is possible. Our WikiKore concept – a unified, community-curated and intelligent taxonomy for the Financial Service Industry will be game-changing. Working with Venturenomix means we have the expertise and guidance we need to secure innovation grant funding. Outstanding service and results!”


Sabrina Del Prete // Founder & CEO // Kore Labs


Introduction – Understanding the Challenges

Kore Labs is in a (rapid) scale-up phase with a multi-faceted funding strategy including private equity, innovation grants, innovation loans and re-investment of revenues. The pieces of the funding jigsaw need to fit together even as the overall picture flexes. Non-dilutive funding is crucial in de-risking highly innovative projects and retaining equity with the founders.

Working Together – Solution and Services

On its journey to becoming a “unicorn” company, Kore Labs has identified a critical element of the financial service ecosystem that is lacking – a unified and globally accepted taxonomy. The advent of AI and ML unlocks the potential to develop technology that empowers actors in the sector to address this challenge collaboratively. Grant funding is the ideal option to accelerate this project.

Successful Outcomes

Venturenomix worked with the team at Kore Labs to identify suitable R&D grant funding options and develop winning applications. The Smart Grant from Innovate UK won in the summer of 2023, unlocks £500k in funding for the development of WikiKore, which will have a step-change impact on both Kore Labs and the Financial Services Industry.


Kore Funding Diagram

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