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“The grant funding we were able to secure with the help of Mareike (now Venturenomix Director) enabled us to buy the IP rights that underpinned the whole business. Furthermore, that funding covered 70% of the tech team costs and secured us a valuable industry partner. Alex (now Venturenomix Director) managed the whole process smoothly – we can highly recommend the services and would advise getting these guys involved at the positioning and structuring stage.”

Laurence Ellis // CEO // Magpie Education

Introduction – Understanding the Challenges

The two companies met at a funding breakfast briefing event hosted by a prominent IP legal firm. Laurence Ellis (Magpie CEO) explained that his company had a strong core team, a supportive seed investor, a strong education sector network and an EdTech concept that schools & teachers wanted.

Working Together – Solution and Services

At this early stage, further equity investment would have been expensive and tough to
secure, so non-dilutive funding was discussed. R&D Grant funding, although itself competitive, offers 50% -100% of the funding towards high-risk, novel technology development projects.

Successful Outcomes

The founders of Venturenomix worked with the team at Magpie to position the business and identify suitable R&D grant funds & industry partners. Funding of €250k was secured 6 months into our work together and the tech team at Magpie was able to fast track the EdTech platform development, while the CEO progressed commercial opportunities.

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