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Launching a new consultancy

Venturenomix have completed a 2.5 year consultancy project with Impact Funding Europe, helping to put in place all the elements needed to launch and sustain a new Collaborative European Grant Writing Consultancy.

We worked closely with the founders of IFE, Peter Schottes and Olaf-Gerd Gemein, from the point of winning the first grant (written by Venturenomix) to prove the concept, through to establishing a funded grant writing team.

Project outcomes

Impact Funding Europe now have 3 successful collaborative European R&D grant successes, led by the work carried out by Venturenomix, working closely with the founders. Over the two-year period, we delivered:

  • Funding: Runway of 2 years cash-flow funding
  • Team: Recruitment and training of key staff
  • Systems: Digital systems and templates to ready the business for scaled growth
  • Customers: On-boarding of the first 200 customers from across Europe
  • Success: Securing the first 3 Horizon Europe grants worth over €10m in funding and over €500k in success fees to IFE