Your Journey with Impact Ventures

What Are Impact Ventures?

Impact Ventures are a next level challenge – they combine the requirement of financial viability (and often high-growth) with a values-based social impact that demands a positive outcome for people and planet. These impact ventures align with the UNSDGs and can come from a wide variety of sectors, including: Smart Cities, Edtech, Cleantech, Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, NuWork, Social Inclusion, Equality, Financial Inclusion, Waste Reduction, Interoperability and many, many more.

The Impact Venture Journey we have distilled from our time spent working with impact entrepreneurs, breaks down the steps to launching a successful project. We have included free guides to get you started and our services are designed to support throughout.

Impact Ventures

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Your Impact Venture Journey

(We offer a Funding Sprint)

Do you have a defined venture idea?

A great ‘Venture Synopsis’ would be a shareable 2-3 page document.

Do you know your funding options?

There are likely to be a number of viable funding options for your venture.

Do you have a comprehensive venture strategy?

A well-developed Venture Strategy builds on the Venture Synopsis.

Do you have a funding strategy?

A sound Funding Strategy involves research into the numerous funding options.

Do you have a comprehensive venture plan?

A Venture Plan contains the details needed to deliver on the strategy.

Have you developed compelling funding applications?

Grant Applications, Business Plan, Pitch Deck & Video, Crowd Campaign, etc.


Your impact venture is all done and ready to launch.

A funding sprint is a shortcut to learn whether your impact venture is viable & fundable without pitching, applying or going public.

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