Intellectual Property Rights: Overcoming the Barriers

June 5, 2023

As part of our ‘Overcoming Barriers to securing R&D Grant Funding’ series, we look at how common challenges to securing R&D grants can be navigated by working with specialist partners.

In part four, we tackle IP with Full-service intellectual property law firm Potter Clarkson.

Protecting your Intellectual property

Intellectual Property plays a key part in securing R&D grant funding (demonstrating work-to-date) and is a critical element of the outputs of grant funded R&D projects (what IP is created during the project).

There are myriad ways to protect your IP, whether your business is set for high-growth, or if your research organisation is seeking to license new deeptech research.

Collaborative R&D grant funded projects in particular present interesting challenges around IP. When 5–30 different organisations form a consortium to undertake a collaborative R&D project, who brings what IP and who will own the IP generated during the project is always a discussion point.

That’s why we have partnered with specialist IP firm Potter Clarkson to help your business, university, NGO or consortium navigate the R&D funding landscape with respect to IP. 

Jason Teng, Patent Attorney, explains:

“Potter Clarkson is a fully integrated IP law firm with a unique combination of patent and trademark attorneys and litigators and IP solicitors, providing instant access to all the advice an innovative business needs from a single source to protect and commercialise their intellectual property. We look forward to working with Venturenomix and their experts to help our clients and networks navigate the grant funding landscape with the right information, solutions and connections.”

R&D grants always have an allocation of budget for IP advice and some require a Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis as supporting evidence (EIC Accelerator for example). The team at Potter Clarkson have great experience and a complete range of services to help overcome any barriers that IP might present.

We have also worked with Jason to produce a white paper that will answer many of your questions about IP in R&D Grant Applications.

Get in touch for an introduction to Jason and his team.