Understanding Partnerships and Contractual Agreements for Grant Funding

May 1, 2023

As part of our ‘Overcoming Barriers to securing R&D Grant Funding’ series, we look at how common challenges to securing R&D grants can be navigated by working with specialist partners.

In part three, we focus on unlocking partnerships through contractual agreements with experienced legal team Stephen Scown

Unlock your perfect partnership

Working collaboratively often inspires the most impactful projects.

Combined expertise in fundamental research, applied technology and a route-to-market plan for the project outputs, is a proven route to successful innovation. Many R&D grants require collaboration. 

With partnerships comes agreements – who is responsible? What tasks are assigned to specific partners? What are the communication protocols? How are we managing this 2-5 year project? These and many other questions must be discussed and agreed in a Collaboration and/or Grant Agreement.

Venturenomix can help navigate the early discussions and we can certainly develop high-quality R&D grant applications, but we stop short of legal advice on collaboration / grant agreements.

That’s why we have partnered with the contracts team at Stephens Scown, one of the most experienced and capable contract legal teams in Europe. The team have extensive experience with supporting lead partners in H2020 and Horizon Europe Collaborative R&D projects, negotiate and finalise Consortium Agreements and Grant Agreements – both required to start drawing down grant funding from the EU Commission. Furthermore, the team can support more broadly on Grant Agreements / Collaboration Agreements for a wide variety of UK and European grants and commercial projects. 

Thomas Chartres-Moore, Partner and leader of the team at Stephens Scown explains:

We have specialist knowledge in respect of Consortium and Grant Agreements, and we’re proud to be working with Venturenomix and their clients to help them achieve the most from grant opportunities and the commercial outcomes that flow from successful collaboration. Whether it is a simple control of confidential information or a multi-party commercial and academic collaboration, we can assist and advise every step of the way.

Thomas Chartres-Moore, Partner
Stephens Scown

If your consortium has been offered the grant funding you have worked so hard for, don’t let the contractual agreements hold you up. We are very happy to introduce you to our partners at Stephens Scown – so please get in touch.