Venture Synopsis Toolkit

A great ‘Venture Synopsis’ would be a shareable 2-3 page document

The European Commission’s (EC) Funding Portal website can be daunting, the funding guidance issued with each grant call is complex and understanding what the funder wants to see sometimes seems like a mystery. However, there are 7 steps you can take to improve your chances of successfully securing EU grant funding. Our downloadable guide contains a concise strategic view of those steps.

The Venturenomix team understand how to set a strategy that maximises the chance of successfully engaging with EU grant funding. If you need guidance on preparing your EU grant application then read our 7 step guide or get in contact.

Putting the time into creating a short ‘Venture Synopsis’ will mean you are ready for opportunities, aligned with your team and have developed a clear message for stakeholders.

    The Venture Synopsis Toolkit we have developed helps you write a 2-3 page document that:

    • Introduces your organisation and explains why it is well placed to succeed in this venture
    • States the problem or challenge that your venture is going to solve
    • Presents the proposed solution to the problem – your venture
    • Summarises the work you have done so far
      States the objectives for the venture – SMART
    • Estimates the impact that a successful venture will have

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