What is new in Horizon Europe? 8 keys points worth knowing

May 4, 2021

Horizon Europe is a €100bn grant funding programme spanning 2021 to 2027 – in partnership with our JV partners, Venturenomix have summarised 8 important differences in the new framework programme.

Horizon Europe is a funding opportunity that every SME, Public Body, Research Institution and Citizen Group could benefit from. The new Horizon Europe funding programme can also be confusing – there are new requirements and areas of focus compared with Horizon 2020. Once you have read this short blog series you will understand what is new in Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe Grant Funding

The 8 key points of difference between Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 – i.e. what is new in Horizon Europe, are summarised on the Impact Funding Europe website. See below for individual topics: 

  1. Three Pillars – Open Science, Global Challenges & Industrial Competitiveness, Open Innovation
  2. Citizen Science & Public Engagement
  3. Open Science, Open Innovation, Open to the World
  4. Open as Possible, Closed as Necessary
  5. Corporate Model Grant Agreement
  6. Mutual Insurance Mechanism
  7. Daily Rate Calculation Methodology
  8. Public Emergency Provision

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