Accessing Horizon Europe Grant Funding

June 6, 2022

Venturenomix in new Joint Venture

Today we are delighted to announce that Venturenomix has partnered with Smart City Labs and Eisenschmidt Consulting Crew to form a Joint Venture.

The new company brings together the skillset, network and capacity to support our clients in securing EU Grant Funding for ambitious Smart, Digital and Climate Neutral projects. The Joint Venture will be called Impact Funding Europe and we can already announce our first successful EU Grant Funding application in the Smart City & Open Data Lake sector worth €2.25m in funding for our clients.

So how can Impact Funding Europe help your organisation secure EU Grant Funding?

Who are we working with to secure Horizon Europe Grant Funding?

We are working with:

  • Innovative SMEs: Developing cutting-edge technology 
  • City & Regional Authorities: Seeking to work collaboratively to improve the lives of citizens  
  • Research Institutions: Operating at the forefront of research 
  • Not-for-Profits: Organising and scaling the rollout of Smart, Digital & Climate Neutral solutions across the EU 
  • Citizen Groups: Ensuring the needs and concerns of everyday people are represented 

What kind of projects are we securing EU Grant Funding for?

Impact Funding Europe will be working with clients on the following topics:

  • Smart City Grant Funding – including Smart Country / Smart City / Smart Region and Smart Campuses
  • Digital Transformation Grant Funding – Including Open Data, Interoperability, Replicable Digital Solutions and Innovative Digital Technology
  • Climate Neutral Grant Funding – Including EU Green Deal

Why should you work with Impact Funding Europe?

We have created this Joint Venture to bring the right people and the right projects together to maximise the chance of securing EU grant funding for high impact projects. This is how we propose to work with you: 

  • Results-based Fees: Pay only on successful outcomes 
  • Inspiring Community: Work collaboratively with outstanding organisations 
  • Project-first Approach: Create great projects, then match a grant 
  • World-class Network: Benefit from our extensive network of partners 

So how can I get involved?

We are working on the new website and will soon have a range of topics on our Impact Community page that you can register your interest in. For the moment, please get in touch via the Venturenomix Contact Us page.

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