Do you have a comprehensive

Venture Plan?

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Why Do I Need This?

A detailed Venture Plan will mean that you will be able to:

Convince Funders

The detail behind the strategy will improve your chances of securing that crucial funding


As soon as the funding lands,
you can go!


Assign a Project Team in the confidence that they have a defined plan to follow

What can a Venture Plan help with?

A Venture Plan contains the details needed to deliver on the strategy:

  • Business Model – Pricing plan / income generation model is defined
  • Commercialisation Plan – Target customers are profiled with associated route to market activities to ensure barriers to adoption / engagement are overcome
  • IPR Protection – IPR Plan covering patents, trademarks, design-marks, know-how, confidentiality and how each item will be managed / implemented
  • Project Impact – Expected KPIs across finance, project outputs and quantified impacts for stakeholders
  • Project Management – Organogram, reporting process, roles and responsibilities
  • Cost Plan – Broken down into categories and cash-flowed
  • Work Plan – Organised into work packages with tasks, deliverables, milestones and dependencies
  • Risk Register – Technical / Commercial / Management risks identified, assigned and mitigated
  • Team Profiles – Profiles of the key people involved in the project highlighting relevant skills and experience
  • Partners and Sub-contractors – Both are identified with roles and capabilities defined throughout the project. Split into project delivery, operations and ongoing activity.

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