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Funding Strategy?

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Why Do I Need This?

Understanding the specific funding opportunities that represent the best chance of success means that your venture will be:


Great match to the requirements of the fund / grant / investor / accelerator / loan provider, so your application will be received positively


Invest your time wisely by targeting funding options that represent the very highest chance of success and that are a strong strategic match to your Venture Strategy


Ready-to-go with a range of funding options and identified criteria, deadlines, application processes and funding conditions

What makes a good Funding Strategy?

A sound Funding Strategy involves wide-ranging research into the numerous funding options to understand:

  • Eligibility – Is your venture eligible to receive funding / investment / loan / etc based on the criteria, preferences and history of the funder?
  • Timing – When are the deadlines of the specific funding opportunities and what is the decision process?
  • Strategic Fit – Does a funding option hit all, some or just a few of your strategic aims?
  • Restrictions – Does a funding option cover all, some or just a few of the major cost centres you are seeking to fund?
  • Conditions – Does the funder require match funding, equity, repayment, guarantees or combinations of all of these?

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