Do you have a comprehensive

Venture Strategy?

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Why Do I Need This?

Developing an in-depth Venture Strategy will help you be:


Bring rigour to your market and product research that will give strategic insights


Identify crucial gaps in your knowledge


Highlight (and therefore mitigate) potential risks

What is a Venture Strategy?

A well-developed Venture Strategy builds on the Venture Synopsis by adding:

  • Market Research – Size and characteristics of your target market(s), including addressable market size based on an understanding of target customers
  • Competitor Research – Current state-of-the-art solution and main competitors, including a quantified features / benefits analysis
  • Policy Alignment – Macro position of your venture in relation to global, national and regional priorities, along with potential stakeholders
  • Business Model – Presentation of how the venture will become self-sustaining, the pricing / funding model and a high-level financial forecast
  • Team & Partners – The key skills and experience that will enable your venture to succeed, including any partners that would add value
  • Intellectual Property – Summary of the current IPR position and a high-level description of what rights could be protected as the venture evolves
  • Route to Market – Marketing Strategy that shows how and when commercial KPIs are going to be achieved, in particular the financial break-even point

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