Overcoming Project Management Administration for Horizon Europe

July 3, 2023

As part of our ‘Overcoming Barriers to securing R&D Grant Funding’ series, we look at how common challenges to securing R&D grants can be navigated by working with specialist partners.

In part five, we take a look at Kronis, a smart project management solution built specifically to help R&D grant funding projects.

Project Management

Managing a collaborative R&D grant project with multiple partners from different countries all with different systems can be a real barrier to a successful R&D-funded project.

Under Horizon Europe, there are specific requirements for reporting on project progress and filing compliant financial claims to draw down the grant funding. Proper Project Management of EU Grants can be the difference between a successful collaboration and a project falling apart.

Venturenomix has partnered with Sploro, a Spanish-based team of highly experienced EU grant project managers who have developed a SaaS solution to help any organisation running a Horizon project properly manage their time and costs associated with the projects.

The software, called Kronis, can be set up specifically for your project and comes with additional project management support from a dedicated Sploro expert. In unison, the digital platform and project manager will ensure that technical and financial reporting is smooth and compliant – meaning your consortium can focus on getting maximum value out of your Horizon Europe project.

“Combining the experience from Sploro with Venturenomix can only increase the chances for success of our customers proposals and projects.”

Miguel Garcia, CEO & Co-founder, Sploro

Practically, part of the grant project budget (normally from the lead partner) can be spent on engaging Sploro (as a sub-contractor) to deliver on the project management requirements. This is a well-trodden path and fully accepted by the EU Commission. 

So, if you are concerned about the burden of project management in a Horizon Europe-funded project, or you have secured funding and are seeking a solution to the administrative burden, get in touch and we can make the introduction to Sploro.

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