£265k R&D Grant for Wearable Robotics Tech Startup

February 17, 2022

Tonus Tech is one of those great stories – and the story is getting more and more exciting.

This month (February 2022) the team, that have bootstrapped their way to a prototype wearable technology that has piqued the interest of physiotherapy and gym chains across the world, start a 12month R&D project funded by Innovate UK.

The Innovate UK Smart Grant is a quarterly R&D grant fund that offers between £25k and £2m to the most innovative SMEs for the development of novel technologies. Make no mistake – winning an Innovate UK Smart Grant is not a given – competition is high with average success rates under 10%. There were 9070 applications made to the Smart Grant fund between February 2019 and August 2020, with 550 successful applicants awarded grant funding – average success rate = 6.1% (Freedom of Information request answered by Innovate UK).

Back to Tonus Tech! The founder, technical director and medical expert are now working with the University of Newcastle and City of London University on a 12month R&D project that will see significant development of their technology. In fact – they are hiring. If you are experienced in Machine Learning, have an interest in robotics / wearables / exoskeletons / sensors then it is worth getting in touch.

Read our full case study about Tonus Tech and the Innovate UK Smart Grant.

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